Authentically African Energy Drinks For An Authentically African Audience

Nov 17, 2020 | Energy News

South Africa is a unique country in every possible way. We combine clashing cultures and languages to create vernacular all our own, and we aren’t ashamed of who we are and where we came from. Yet despite this, many of the products facing us on the shelves are made by businesses who don’t understand what we need or want. When it comes to energy drinks, things are no different. But with Twizza on the scene, that’s about to change.

For the first time, South Africans can choose an energy drink made by South Africans for South Africans, in a variety of flavours that South Africans know and love.

Say Goodbye To Ordinary Energy Drink Flavours

Tired of the same old choices of energy drinks being offered to you? South Africans work hard and play harder, and deserve an energy drink that provides a much-needed boost while still tasting delicious.

It’s why proudly South African brand Twizza has created a range of energy drinks that cater to the lifestyles South Africans lead. Looking for a traditional and trustworthy flavour to keep you going while you spend hours hustling on the road long after the sun sets? Then our nostalgic Gemmer flavour is for you. It’s the same drink your grandmother made for you as a child, and now you get to enjoy it as an adult.

Gemmer Energy Flavour Drink
Gemmer energy drink

Perhaps you’re one of many South Africans living the student life while balancing work and family commitments. The hours you put in studying and attending lectures will require a lot of concentration, and our Espresso flavour combines an energising caffeinated boost with a beloved coffee shop favourite. But while most coffee shops close at 5 pm, Twizza can keep you going all night long.

Energy drink flavour espresso
Espresso energy drink

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Then Twizza’s Skhokho will certainly get you noticed Just like the deliciously crispy crust left on the bottom of the pot after cooking pap, people admire you and all you’re about. Whether you’re managing your side hustle or attracting attention at a party, everybody wants to know you – and what makes you tick. Let them know that your drive and style is unbeatable with the Skhokho energy drink.

Skhokho energy drink

Finally, there’s a classic Twizza Juicy fruit flavour for your enjoyment. Whether you hail from Jozi’s inner city or Natal’s lush landscapes, this energy drink will keep you focused on where you’re going, without letting you forget where you came from. Whether you’re uploading selfies to Instagram or hitting the club, you know how to attract attention, and your Juicy energy drink will give you the fuel you need to get noticed.

Energy drink flavour juicy
Juicy energy drink

Get Your Twizza Energy Drinks Today

Ready to try something new? Then Twizza’s new range of energy drinks is waiting for you. You can find your favourite flavour at a stockist near you, or order as much as you need from Takealot. If you’re ready to make the switch to an energy drink with an African twist, there’s never been a better time to do so, so what are you waiting for?