It is the objective of Twizza to become the supplier of choice for carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic products, and bottled water by meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers, with whom we communicate regularly.

This will be achieved through our commitment to comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, approved codes of best practice, and food safety and quality requirements according to FSSC 22000.

We have identiļ¬ed the potential hazards (HACCP), threats (TACCP) and vulnerability (VACCP) in our business operations and implemented effective control and monitoring measures for critical food safety and quality related matters.

Twizza has determined external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and that affect its ability to achieve the intended results of its Food Safety and Quality Management System (FSQMS).

We have developed a food safety and quality culture based on a set of business values which is applied throughout our business to ensure we influence these behaviors. We promote a positive quality and food safety culture through active engagement at all levels of the organization. This would include handling food as if we would consume it ourselves, by doing things right the first time even when nobody is watching and influencing others to do the same.

Furthermore, the ambition is to raise awareness about the importance of reducing food loss within own operations and across the entire value chain. We adopt a comprehensive approach to prevent loss of our beverages and ingredients caused by quality non-conformities, spillages, breakages, or storage beyond their expiration dates. We measure food loss throughout our value chain, from ingredients to manufacturing ,warehouses and distribution, and we analyse the potential for food loss based on category and type.

We establish, implement, maintain, update, and continuously improve our food safety and quality management system to ensure that our products are safe and of the highest quality.

Management will ensure that the appropriate resources, including human and financial resources, are committed towards implementing this food Safety and quality Policy across all our operations. All employees affecting food safety and quality, will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required for each activity performed, and shall be aware of their individual contribution to the effectiveness of the food safety and quality management system.

We recognize the importance of communication with all relevant stakeholders and ensure that our policies, behaviors, and standards are communicated internally to all our employees through toolbox talks, training, noticeboards, via email and externally to other interested parties through the website, visual display at facility entrances and via email.

Management has set clear objectives and targets against which we will measure and report on our performance. Results of measurements will be used to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Management will review this policy annually to ensure that it continues to reflect the strategic direction of Twizza and continues to meet the needs and expectations of all interested parties.