The Official Drinks Sponsor For The Telkom Netball League

Nov 27, 2020 | Sponsorships

Twizza Is Taking Charge By Becoming The Official Drinks Sponsor

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t exist. Now almost a year later, the world is returning back to (a new) normal. After several months of avoiding social contact and group events, South Africans are returning to the activities they love – and so are our sports teams.

To help South Africa’s top women netball players get back on track, Twizza is taking charge. That’s why we are proud to have been the official beverage company and drinks sponsor of 2020’s Telkom Netball League.

A Proudly South African Sport

South African women have enjoyed the sport of netball since 1925. This makes it one of our oldest and most established sports. For seven years, teams from around the country have gathered to take part in the country’s premier netball tournament. The prize? To be the top netball team in South Africa.

This year saw the Telkom Netball League looking different than it ever has before. With the Coronavirus curbed but not eliminated, the game had to reinvent itself. Players had to channel their creativity and play outside the box – or in this case, inside the bubble. All players had to stay in a bio-bubble for the duration of the competition and follow strict safety protocols.

As fans weren’t allowed to witness the games in action, the netball players needed another way to boost their energy. For this, Twizza more than fit the bill – and it’s why we became the drinks sponsor of the Telkom Netball League. As a South African brand, we understand that women’s sports are often underfunded. We wanted to show today’s netball players that their country is behind them.

Different Teams With The Same Goals

Twizza Marketing Manager Lance Coertzen says that Twizza and the Telkom Netball League both believe in inclusivity, determination, and fairness. Like our range of drinks, netball brings people together to celebrate a shared achievement.

Keeping fit and energised is always a challenge for sportspeople, and with COVID-19 on the scene, it became a top priority. Combined with a balanced diet and exercise, players need adequate hydration to stay at the top of their game. Whether they need to quench their thirst with water, soft drinks or energy drinks, Twizza has something for every player.

A Daily Part Of Every Lifestyle

During their many weeks spent in the bio-bubble, team members couldn’t leave or receive any visitors. Each day started the same way: a healthy breakfast, followed by training. Of course, socialising and making new friends were an essential part of the competition experience. And one of the best ways to boost one’s energy is through drinks, and it helps people to connect with each other.

While the Telkom Netball League enjoyed these benefits through sponsorship, Twizza drinks aren’t just for netball players and other sportspeople. Anyone needing a boost in hydration or an infusion of energy can drink one of Twizza’s drink to enjoy the same effects – and feel like a winner too!